Coinboy is a service to help build out cryptocurrency portfolios and rebalance them on a time schedule. Built with react on the front end and a severless lambda stack to handle the backend. I decided to build this out as a personal project, as I wanted a way to diversify my crypto in order to better handle the ups and downs of of the market. kudos @alexTorres for the sweet logo.


Itential is a network automation tool for large service providers. As part of the core application team I helped build out several new services and applications, largely in react, node and mongo. Some cool things I've built:

  • Internal Search API for applications  (so you can find things)
  • UI/API for building and managing textfsm templates (think regex on steroids)
  • Internal Tagging system UI and API (so you can find things with other things)
  • Helped refactor React UI component library


Tenrocket was started as a way to help startups build their first app quickly and less expensive than traditional agencies, without sacrificing quality. It turns out quality is easy when the scope is managed properly. We built over 50 web and mobile apps for startups while running Tenrocket. Web apps are build with a react front end and ruby back end, and mobile apps were typically built on react native. Tenrocket was passed on to new owners in 2017 so that my co-founder and I could persue new opportunities. Tenrocket is still running strong today.

Helped construct and guide the front end development for the new in 2012. Heavy integration of no-sql tech into freemarker and Javascript. Designed and built architecture to provide more centralized and reusable code base. Designed and built theming architecture in order to spin up new site sections up easily. Drank too much coffee watching nba games late into the night ensuring nothing crashed when millions of people hit our servers.